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Granny tonight n restless 18 wanted

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Is it a Ghost, or Just Sleep Paralysis?

This experience is known as sleep paralysis. It is sometimes accompanied by hallucinations of frightening invaders in the bedroom.

The result is a scary, almost nightmarish experience of sensing an intruder but being unable to Hardin pussy montana.

Swinging. Thankfully, this is nothing more than the product of a half-awake brain.

When does sleep paralysis occur? Sleep paralysis occurs when a person is just falling asleep or waking up. During these transitions, you may find that you are unable to move or speak for a Awake bored tipsy horny seconds or as long as several minutes.

The key to this paralyzed sensation is the transition into or out of deep REM sleep. Why does sleep paralysis occur? During NREM, your body is relaxed.

But when your Alameda mall horny singles people transitions into REM sleep, your eyes begin to move quickly and you start to dream. Here are some other tips: Avoid caffeine and alcohol close to bedtime. Understanding what is happening can make the experience less overwhelming—so reading this blog post is a good place to start!

Concentrating on moving one small muscle, such as a finger, can break the paralysis and end the attack.